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Jack and Gill by Cheryl Phipps

What do you do when the love of your life decides to leave town? Gillian Shaw Nearly thirty, over-endowed with curves, and under-endowed with boyfriends, you could say that my life is not going to plan. Still hopelessly in love with my childhood friend and neighbor who only sees me as his best pal, it’s finally sinking in that if I want a happily ever after I’m going to have to look further afield. Which means putting my feelings for Jack behind me, no matter how much it hurts. Jack Larson I love Gill. Who wouldn’t? She’s cute, kind, funny and my side-kick since school. She’s suffered with me through my failed marriage and has become a second mom to my six-year-old daughter, so I like to make sure she’s okay. Only, life’s just started to get crazy. I’m pretty darn good at getting my point across in business, but how am I supposed to deal with Gill throwing herself away on the nerdy bank manager? I’m worried that I’ll lose her friendship if I tell her what I know and worried that she’ll get hurt if I don’t. Then there’s this other worry. What if I’m just jealous? And what the heck does that mean? 5-stars by Amazon Customer Couldn't put the book down, I enjoyed it thoroughly! I loved the characters & their funny, romantic, heartfelt stories they told. Nobody is perfect but it shows you after many years separated from family or a close loved one that you can both change & if you just listen to both sides of a story you can learn to forgive & move on & love again. Highly recommended book to read! 5-stars by Tracey A funny light-hearted romance. Great read!!! Sycamore Springs is a place where people love to live. A small town where everyone gets a second chance, although it may take time and a lot of effort and you have to believe it's worth the risk of opening your heart once more. Book 1: Jack and Gill Book 2: Adam and Eve Book 3: Samson and Delilah - Coming soon. C. A. Phipps is a USA Today best-selling author from beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. Cheryl loves a story filled with feisty heroines and wonderful small towns with heart-warming tales of strong family ties mixed in with a little romance and humor. She lives in a quiet suburb with her wonderful husband, whom she married the moment she left school (yes, they were high school sweethearts). A lover of animals, with a few children, and even more grandchildren, who keep her young, she loves family times, dining out, and travel, in that order. You can find her at
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