It Will Be Forever
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It Will Be Forever by Jennifer Rodewald


She'd left on purpose. Thought she'd stay gone. Now he's got one last chance to change her mind.

Big-hearted Dre Rustin fled her small Nebraska hometown to distance herself from her brother’s troubled past. Texas seemed like a good place to start a new life. Now she’s looking forward to graduating from college, but first she’s got to handle Thanksgiving break. She’ll head home for the first time in years. No way is she going to get sucked back into the drama and charm—namely her brother’s best friend Tommy Kent—of Rock Creek. For moral support, she convinces her best friend to travel with her. Little good that does her.

Tom Kent might not have been the rebel Paul Rustin had been, but he’d earned a less-than-honorable reputation with the girls, which ruined the fragile hope he’d had for romance with Dre before she left for college. In the four years since Dre had shut Tom out, he hasn’t been able to let her go. Now she’s coming home, and he’s got this one last chance.

What if she could forgive him? What if they could recapture the tender feelings they’d shared years ago? What if they could build new dreams together?

It could be good. Really good. Maybe, just maybe, it could be forever.

It Will Be Forever is a prequel to Reclaimed and is part of the Rock Creek Romance Collection, where Romance and Redemption grow in a charming small town. Other books in the Rock Creek Romance Collection include:
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