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Isn’t She Lovely? by bobby hutchinson

JAKE MORENO COMES WITH ATTACHMENTS A new baby, an ex-wife, an ex-con father--Romance? Absolutely Impossible! Jake bargained for his baby with his grasping, unstable ex-wife. But what does a guy do when his adorable daughter cries day and night? Bella Donovan escaped a family where freedom for women was frowned upon, and babies were a yearly event. She knows how to treat colic, but she's not interested in marriage or motherhood. She has a restaurant to run, cookbooks to write. That doesn't stop her from lusting after Jake. She's just not interested in a forever clause. ˃˃˃ Jake hasn't told Bella he has an ex-con for a father. The last thing he wants is his crooked father around. Ace is absolutely untrustworthy. But he's also charming. How can you turn your back on your father, however little you trust him? ˃˃˃ Bella wants a life totally opposite to her mother's. She absolutely doesn't want or need any advice from her family. But her mother needs Bella, and how can you turn your mother away? ˃˃˃ Complications don't rule out a love affair. Suddenly neither Bella or Jake are certain about anything--apart from the love they share for beautiful little Annie. Laughter, colic, skulduggery. Isn't it lovely? Scroll up and grab a copy today.