Island Expectations
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Island Expectations by Evangeline Kelly


She’s the nanny. And far too young. But he can’t hold his feelings back forever.

I’d wanted to be with Brett ever since I started working for him three years ago. Every time our eyes met, I knew there was something there. But he’d never made a move, and I was starting to think he never would.

When his mother offered to take the whole family to an island getaway, I was at a crossroads. Either I made something happen between us, or I had to walk away.

Just when I was despairing, his mother encouraged me to go on a date with some guy on the beach. Brett didn’t hide the fact that he wasn’t happy with it.

Finally, I had a chance…

Island Expectations is the second standalone clean short read in the Vacation Romance Series.

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A clean love is simply a means to spell out a love story that will not include explicit sex, excessive gore and violence, and profanity. The category is started by amazon. This new category helps readers that desire the love and emotion without particulars of this romantic bedroom kitchen/car/outside / etc.--gymnastics to discover exactly what they're looking for. You may read this book with your family. This class is specially created for readers that are uncomfortable reading fantasy books with sexually explicit material, an excessive amount of blood and guts, and a lot of f-bombs.

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