Ironwood Academy Book 7
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Ironwood Academy Book 7 by Casey Morgan


One hot shifter wants me, and two others still scorn me.
But my powers grow stronger as the heat level rises between us.
And it's time to make them regret ever crossing this witch.

Edward and Stephan are werewolves and Gregory is a witch.
But the three of them have more in common than supernatural powers.
They're all three smoking hot, with handsome faces and muscular bodies.
They're all three students at Ironwood Academy, just like I am.
And they're all three in the Coven, a snobby group of Ironwooders who hate me.

We're training for a war with vampires, not a war between classmates. Yet this group wants to make me leave the school solely due to my half-mortal, half-necromancer heritage. They almost succeeded in the past, but two things have kept me here at Ironwood.

The first was the gift of a mysterious necklace with demonic powers. The second was that one of these hot alphas surprised me by saying he wants me as his mate. Too bad I can't trust him, despite the undeniable chemistry between us. The only way I'll open up and let him in is if he keeps his mouth shut.

With these two secrets in my corner, I can start to fight back. Revenge isn't usually my style but it's time to teach my bullies a lesson. Starting with Stephan, who broke my heart. No one plays with my emotions. Not even a werewolf who's out-of-this-world gorgeous.

Will revenge on a former crush crush him like I want it to?
Or will I end up adding another ally to my side...
and another hot shifter to my bed?

Rose's Bloom is the seventh book in the Ironwood Academy series. The first five books are about Ruby and are a completed series. The next two books are about Rose and begin a new spin-off series. All of the books are set at Ironwood Academy.

This series features new adult urban fantasy reverse harem academy romance with mature content for readers ages 18 and up. You'll find a feisty, curvy heroine, handsome alpha shifters with magical powers and plenty of steam!

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