Ironwood Academy Book 1: Witch’s Trial: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Romance
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* The 1st Book in the Complete Ironwood Academy Series of Steamy RH Romance. * How many guys will it take to unlock supernatural powers strong enough to stay a member of an elite fae protector academy? My grandmother sent me to a school I've never heard of, Ironwood Academy, in a town I've never heard of, Love's Hollow, New York. It turns out the town is full of non-human creatures and the school is full of the most elite fae-in-training, charged with protecting the town from human intrusion. Considering that I'm a human, I don't exactly think I'll fit in. But the problem is that Headmaster Thorn agrees, and I have nowhere else to go. He wants me gone, and he might even want me dead, because if I'm turned loose out into the regular world again, I might expose the secrets of this hidden place. It'll take some literal feats of magic to prove I belong here. Good thing the student body is made up of strong, handsome guys who all have special powers. From the alpha werewolf to the witch who can make you kill yourself with one look, they're all so dangerous they should be forbidden. But I think I can use them to my advantage. Because my grandma left me with one more present: a necklace with special powers. She didn't know what would activate the spell, though, and neither do I. As Halloween approaches, so is exam time, where I'm to show off my supposed supernatural powers. All the guys seem enamored with me and I can feel my powers increasing each time one of their broad, muscular chests bump into me or their handsome eyes wink at me. Will losing my virginity unlock the powers I need? And which guy should I choose to help turn me into a witch? Or maybe this task requires strength from all of them combined. Witch's Trial is a new adult urban fantasy paranormal academy romance with mature content featuring university-age characters and is for readers age 18 and up. You'll find a feisty heroine, hot guys with magical powers and plenty of steam!
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