Into The Dawn
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Into The Dawn by Tamsen Schultz

Stunned. Brian DeMarco doesn’t know what to think when he’s recalled home from a top secret government project—he only knows that it can’t be good. What awaits him is something beyond his wildest nightmares. The woman he loves has been kidnapped, two friends have been killed, and there’s a traitor in the FBI willing to sell secrets that will kill thousands. Compelled. Lucy James knows exactly why she’s been kidnapped; just as she knows that Brian is the only one she can trust to find her. Their personal history is murky at best, but there’s no one who understands more what’s at stake than her one time lover. He won’t give up or back down—of that she has no doubt—but the price of reaching out to him might be more than she’s ever been prepared to give. Driven. Together, Lucy and Brian race to stop an attack that will kill countless Americans and scar the nation. They think they’re ready. They think they’ve covered their bases. But nothing can prepare them for the final message the killer intends to deliver. If you're looking for a riveting romantic suspense with unforgettable characters and an ending you won't see coming, pick up INTO THE DAWN!
I hope you might be surprised to know that Suspense isn't a genre in and of itself since it is a category that includes mystery, thriller, as well as some horror books. That novels which have a suspense story comes beneath the suspense group. If you're like to read novels that give you Suspense, then this category is right for you. To put it differently, if we discuss Suspense, then Suspense is a condition of psychological uncertainty, stress, being undecided, or being doubtful. At a dramatic function, Suspense is your expectation of the results of a plot or the remedy to a doubt, mystery, or puzzle, especially as it impacts a personality for whom you have sympathy.

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