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In To Her by JA Huss

Hit men, AJ and Logan, are professional monsters and spending a sexy night stranded with their mark, Yvette, wasn’t in the plan. But one night changes everything and they soon find themselves plotting a way out of the job AND the mob. In To Her is an angsty, MFM, page-turning read that will keep you guessing until the very last word.  When AJ and Logan walked into Yvette Nightingale’s bar they didn’t expect to be there long. They certainly didn’t expect to be dancing with her, or having sex with her, or spending the night with her. Because they were sent there to kill her. Not fall for her. Not feel sorry for her. Not want to take care of her, or protect her, or be in to her. But sometimes people enter your life for a reason. Sometimes they even enter at the very moment you need them most. And Yvette Nightingale needs AJ and Logan.
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