In The Eye Of Storm
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In The Eye Of Storm by Pandora Snow


He never craved anyone as deeply. But winning her may destroy him…

Storm Reed demands control. A powerful Dom, the influential mogul requires absolute submission from his partners. But when he meets a gorgeous young woman who stirs his soul at a charity event, he’s driven to pursue her intoxicating innocence despite her off-limits virginity.

Descent Skye feels adrift and alone. Seeking guidance after the tragic death of her parents two years prior, the impressionable girl finds herself inexorably drawn to a charming and intense bad-boy billionaire. And when he pursues her with an obsessive single-mindedness, she relents at last to his potent touch.

Overjoyed to finally have the sweet prize in his possession, Storm struggles to keep his rough BDSM desires in check. And though Descent fears the brutal hunger hiding behind her new beau’s eyes, she’s unable to resist his fierce authority.

Can Storm cross the naive beauty’s boundaries and still secure her undying love?

In The Eye Of Storm is the searing first book in the tempestuous Storm dark romance series. If you like brooding alpha males, blistering bedroom scenes, and unpredictable cliffhangers, then you’ll adore Pandora Snow’s emotionally raw tale.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains depictions of cheating, obsession, and non-consensual punishment.

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