In a World Without Coffee
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In a World Without Coffee by Lydia Guleva


Jill landed in a special kind of hell reserved for nurses. What else can she call a world without coffee, showers, sterile bandages, and antibiotics, but with a mind-reading demon who drags her away to a gloomy castle?

Somehow, she's supposed to survive and maybe not kill anyone. Not an easy task when she can't get any coffee. At least she found her cat. Oh, yeah, and the resident demon cleans up well. She might even forgive him for kidnapping her.

Vinsor thinks he only needs to kill the witch that turned him into a demon, but as soon as he strikes her down, the real problem appears in an explosion of magic. Jill is the perfect replica of the witch, and Vinsor has the misfortune of becoming her captor.

As if Jill's insane babbling wasn't bad enough, Vinsor receives orders to make her fall in love with him. If he doesn't, she will die. How can he, though, when she wears the face that haunts him in his nightmares? And to use his powers for it? He wouldn't do it even to his enemy.

In a World Without Coffee is an enemies to lovers fantasy/paranormal romantic comedy. It stars a mind-reading demon and a caring, strong, but neurotic woman whose Happy Ever After is guaranteed without a cliffhanger.

Content Warning: This book contains New Yorkers. Anything can happen.

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