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If We Were Young by Anna Bloom

This kiss would kill me. I knew it already. Eighteen years in the making and my soul reared up, ready to fly. “Wait.” I pushed my hand against his wet coat. “What if we kiss and it means we can never be friends again?” * * * Matthew was my biggest regret. For years he was my best friend, but I never told him how I really felt. That I loved him. When all the words should have been said, I said nothing at all. For fifteen years I kept him in my dreams, letting my life coast along and pass me by. Until he came back. But Matthew wasn't the man I remembered. Cold and aloof, his hatred of me burned little holes into my heart. We had just fifteen days to reconnect. Probably too short a time to bridge the gap to the past. Could we get back to who we used to be, when we were young? GRAB YOUR COPY OF THIS COMPLETE DUET AND BE PREPARED TO FALL IN LOVE...
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