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Ian by Elizabeth Rose

Ian MacKeefe is haunted by the demons in his head, taunting him of his tarnished past. On All Hallow's Eve in the fire, he sees the face of Tearlach MacTavish, an enemy he's killed and buried three years ago. It is a disturbing thought since this is supposedly the night when the veil is pushed aside and the dead can come back to life. Kyla has taken a liking to Ian, and happens to be Ian's best friend's sister. They've grown up together, and he shouldn't be having feelings toward her at all, but he is. While she's always been naught more to him than Aidan's wee sister his entire life, now he is looking at her in a whole new light and it scares him. Meaning to frighten her off like he's done in the past with a kiss, this time he realizes it doesn't work. Instead, it only makes them both want each other even more, and Aidan will have his head if he finds out. Ian's past comes back to haunt him, with Kyla in the middle of his problems regarding the MacTavishes. No man, especially one that's supposed to be dead, is going to take Kyla away from him. Ian will do whatever it takes to protect her. Can Ian overcome his past before it's too late, now that he's realized Kyla is so much more to him than just his best friend's wee sister? Will true love give him the strength to make things right, and this time keep his enemies in the ground where they belong?
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