Hybrid Empire
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Hybrid Empire by Amanda N. Newman


Anika Litynska is no stranger to hardship. Born into a poor family in the Ukraine, and seeing a good education as her way of escaping poverty, her parents have sent her to a prestigious boarding school in Alaska for her final year of high school. There’s just one problem. Her parents’ funds for her education are dwindling and the school year is only halfway over.

Already struggling with a language barrier and trying to keep her family’s station in life a secret from the wealthy student body, Anika secures a minimum wage job at a local business to help her parents pay her tuition. All she has to do is keep her job a secret from her classmates and her connection to the school a secret from her boss. Easy, right? Wrong!

While trying to keep her school life and work life separate, Anika is thrust into a world that has run parallel with the one she is familiar with for thousands of years. As she tries to navigate and make sense of this strange new faction of life, she meets new friends, powerful enemies, and uncovers a dark secret about her family that threatens to tear apart her newfound friendships. How long can she keep living a double life before all of her secrets are revealed?

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