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Hunter by Pepper North


Hunter will not find it easy to yield to the fantasies he’s had for years.  Luckily, his Daddy will not let him run away or hide from his desires. 

Hunter Stevens may be a law-abiding business owner, but his tattooed appearance and motorcycle can give people the wrong impression.  When faced with a judgmental police officer, he reacts badly.

Lazzaro Bianchi is a police homicide detective.  While filling in for a fellow police officer on patrol, he learns he seriously misjudged the tattoo studio owner and artist.  Now this intriguing man needs to accept his apology so he can pursue the Little who the Lazzaro knows is his.

Addiction Warning: Pepper’s stories will touch your heart and may warm your bottom. While both sweet & spicy, the Dr. Richards’ Littles stories may contain more heat than some will find comfortable. Playing doctor with Dr. Richards can be an intense experience that borders on electrifying. The greatest risk, however, is developing an intense craving for more after reading just one. Proceed with caution.

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Erotic romance books are stories written concerning the growth of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. Sex is an intrinsic part of the narrative, character development, and relationship development and may not be eliminated without damaging the narrative. To put it differently, it is fun, it's hot, and it could be prestigious. This means, where else can you spot sexy billionaires, rough war heroes, teachers that do not mind giving you D jokes. If you are passionate about your partner or love to read others' passionate sex or love story, then you should add this genre to your reading list. Here are some amazing erotic romance books online that you might like to read.

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