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Snow White’s on the run and sexier than ever… ISOBEL: I’m on the run from my evil stepmother but no one can know. Least of all my new boss and major pain in the ass, Hunter Dawkins. We might have had one amazing night together but the next morning he went colder than a Wallstreet banker’s heart during a charity ball. I have zero tolerance for assholes in my life. No thank you. I’ll show up, do my job, and earn enough to stay off the grid where my stepmother can’t find me, but that’s all. HUNTER: I have big plans for my large-animal veterinary clinic and they don’t include taking on a gorgeous, fast-talking city-slicker for a summer intern. The fact that she’s got legs for days and curves that could make a grown man weep? Or that we spent one unforgettable night together? Doesn’t mean a thing. She’s got secrets and she doesn’t intend on sticking around for long. How can I have a future with a woman who has no past? But when trouble comes to town, I realize the woman I love to hate might just be the one I can’t live without.
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