How to Lasso a Billionaire
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How to Lasso a Billionaire by Katharine Sadler


He promised me a future, then he destroyed it.

Jude Cassidy was my best friend as much as he was my brother’s until he betrayed us both. I might have been able to forgive him hurting me, but I’ll never forgive him for tearing my family apart and leaving me to pick up the pieces.

After all these years, he’s the last person I expect to run into, let alone offer me a job.

He hates me as much as I hate him, but I don’t really have a choice. I’ll do the work, make the money, and get the heck out of Vegas.

Except the way he offered me the job felt more like he wanted to protect than punish me. He’s not looking at me with hate in his eyes and the heat there sparks something in me. Something dangerous and irresistible.

If he’s not after revenge, exactly what does he want from me? And the even bigger question is what do I want from him?

This stand-alone includes a second-chance, enemies to lovers romance, a wild-west themed casino, a controlling billionaire, and a woman on a mission to save her family. There's no cliffhanger and there is definitely an HEA.

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