Hot Shot Rock Star

Hot Shot Rock Star by Stephanie Queen

After leaving St. Paul U with Ben, they head to NYC where Jazzy is poised to explode onto the rock scene.
In spite of her past and the odds stacked against her, a top indie musician promoter-manager wants to make her his new project. But what happens when he wants to make her far more than that?

Will Jazzy be tempted? She knows she owes everything she is to Ben, her college lover, her unicorn.
Ben may be consumed by his new NHL career now, but will he let Jazzy go?
Will Jazzy let go of Ben?

Hot Shot Rock Star is a spinoff of Best Man on Campus in the Big Men on Campus college romance series. If you love steamy stories about making choices at a crossroads in romance where true love prevails, then you'll love this one with a truly heart-swelling, satisfying ending!
Warning: Language and sex for a mature audience

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