Hot Louisiana Knight
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Hot Louisiana Knight by Em Petrova


Louisiana nights can be hot, sticky, and in this case, potentially deadly…

Brainiac Dylan Knight may be a nerd, but that doesn’t mean he can’t split a hair with open sights at twenty paces. So, when the special ops team needs someone to help bring down a terrorist cell, he’s the perfect man for the job. He just never thought the job would lead him to a boutique owner who is as innocent—and enticing—as she is in deep, dark trouble…

Athena Mohamed is no criminal. So, when the government breaks down her door and a stern, insanely sexy special ops guy whisks her away to a safe house, she’s confused. The fact that they’d suspect her of harboring terrorists is as mind-blowing as her untimely attraction to her new protector. But surely the chemistry between her and Dylan is just a product of adrenaline…right?

They might be perfect for each other. They might make it to happily ever after. But only if Dylan can clear Athena’s name—and keep her alive long enough to get there…

Who doesn't crave a hero with all the brains and brawn, and a woman who won't back down from her dream? 1-CLICK HOT LOUISIANA KNIGHT now for steamy nights, passion and all the danger you crave.

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