Hot Heir
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Hot Heir by Pippa Grant


I was not meant to be a queen.
But to save my sister, I had to make a bargain with the devil, and that deal comes with a real crown.

I always thought Mr. Tall, Dark, and Grumpy was one more pompous, arrogant man who loved to use his fancy accent and posh manners to remind me just how many stations above me he is in life.

But he’s secret royalty, the new heir to a kingdom, in need of an immediate wife to claim his throne. I need a husband to get custody of my sister. We’re both in a bad spot, with an even worse solution.

But the biggest problem? Bigger than living halfway around the world from my home, bigger than being away from my best friend, and bigger than having to put my own career on hold?

The biggest problem might be that once I get to know what makes his heart beat, he might not be such a devil after all.

And when he’s changed the laws of his country so that I don’t have to stay, he’ll have no reason to keep me.

Hot Heir is a romping fun marriage of convenience between a surprise heir and a professional hot mess, complete with the bedroom to end all bedrooms, a run-down alpaca, and that thing with the hot air balloons. This romantic comedy stands alone with no cheating or cliffhangers and ends with a royally awesome happily ever after.

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