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Hot Daddy Sauce by Angel Devlin & Tracy Lorraine

It’s getting hot around here! Chilli hot! Leah My next-door neighbour, Jenson, is a chef and a successful businessman. He’s also a single daddy to the cutest six-year-old girl. I’m only here as long as it takes to get my parents' old house ready for sale. Then it’s time for me to make a fresh start, away from the tragic events of late. Trouble is, now I’ve had a taste of this hot daddy’s sauce, I want more… Jenson When I see Leah in the garden next door, at first I think she’s barely out of school. But she soon reveals she’s all woman. My daughter loves her and it’s not long before my own feelings are heading the same way. Are we a mouth-watering combination or a recipe for disaster? * * * Dear reader Join Angel and Tracy for a side of something HOT. Tantalise your reader tastebuds with our Hot Daddy's series and watch out for panty melting moments. Single daddy's are on the menu, come savour them. ox
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