Hope’s River
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Hope’s River by Margaret McHeyzer


She’s into renovation. But she never expected a love life overhaul…

Hope Sawyer enjoys getting her hands dirty. And while she’s killing it flipping houses for a living, deep down she worries her happiness isn’t built on a strong foundation. So when her drunk boyfriend attempts to beat her, she jumps in her truck and drives until fate delivers her to a tiny town, a dilapidated Victorian, and her next big project.

River Lockwood remains haunted. Still burning with regret over the one that got away, the master electrician has constructed a lonely life in a place with a name drenched in personal history. But when he offers to help rewire an old house a newcomer just purchased, he’s amazed it’s the woman he lost all those years ago.

Shaken to reconnect with the only man she truly loved, Hope struggles with the memory of his betrayal. And though they grow closer the more time they spend together, River fears his dream girl won’t forgive him for a sin he didn’t actually commit.

Can this star-crossed couple renovate their hearts and build the relationship they deserve?

Hope’s River is the charming first tale in the Hope River contemporary romance series. If you like second chances, quirky communities, and undeniable chemistry, then you’ll adore Margaret McHeyzer’s fresh fixer-upper.

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*A stand alone, second chance, small town romance.

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