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Hope’s Bakery by Sophie Mays

“The Wedding Cake Queen” That’s what they call Hope Nolan in any town within 20 miles of Magnolia Harbor. Her cake and cookie decorating skills are the talk of the town. The secret irony, however, is that Hope is the LAST person who knows a thing about romance. What she does know is that her plate and her heart are full. Between running her bakery and raising her six-year-old son, Rylan, with the help of her mother, her life is beyond busy. It’s a lot, but so far she’s been able to handle it. Then, the one thing Hope can’t handle happens: Change When a handsome, well-traveled new chef opens up a restaurant across from Hope’s bakery, he disrupts everything. His tiramisu might even manage to steal some of her regular customers! And in a small town, that’s not something Hope can afford. Hope will need to decide how she is going to handle this new addition to Main St., because chef Michael Breslin says that he is here to stay. Will the new restauranteur in town drive her out of business? Or will he try to win her heart? Either way, things may never be the same for Hope’s little bakery on Main Street…or for Hope! AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with a HEA ending! Story is a clean romance with no offensive language. This series takes place within the fictional town of Magnolia Harbor and the books can be read out of sequence. Enjoy!
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