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When her lost slipper is found by a charming, gorgeous, secret billionaire...Lottie is more than ready for her happily ever after. That is until she finds out their families are in an all-out war. Lottie Brown likes her life in the big city but isn't too fond of the price tag that goes along with it. So she's headed home to the small resort town of Blue Falls, Idaho to make some cash during the summer to supplement her teacher's salary. And when fate happens to seat her next to a handsome, charming, and witty cop on her plane ride, Lottie starts to feel a whole lot better about going home. An heir to the Heathcliff billions, Leo Heathcliff gets a call that his family needs him. Even though he's told them the family business isn't for him, he puts his life as a police detective on hold to go to Blue Falls to help with their newest venture. When he meets an adorable and genuine brunette on the flight, he feels like luck might just be on his side. When Leo and Lottie get to Blue Falls, they realize that their families are in an all-out war, both sides claiming that the other has sabotaged their businesses. When battle lines are drawn, Leo and Lottie must decide what and who they want to fight for. The first book in the sweet and wholesome Heathcliff Family Romances series. Read all of the Heathcliff Family Romances by Julia Keanini: 1. His to Save 2. His to Marry 3. His to Protect 4. Her Favorite Risk 5. Her Forever Love 6. Her Perfect Mistake 7. Their Second First Kiss 8. The Island Patriot 9. Their White Christmas
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