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His Rainbow After the Rain by Grace Clemen

Mary Ross has just become the new local school teacher and it's the first time she's felt truly happy ever since her parents' loss. Her enthusiasm won't last for long though as her effort to modernize the town newspaper will fail miserably. Being a rebellious spirit, she wants to give voice to women, going against the mayor's will. Her visit to the local newspaper editor will prove to be the beginning of a roller coaster of feelings. Will she regret interfering with the town's authority or will this clash result in a dream coming true? Philip Jenkins has been running his printing press for years. It's a job he loves but like everything in his world, it comes with a problem; in this case, it's the mayor, who controls the whole town. Philip is having a hard time making the right decisions as he can't risk losing everything. When Mary enters his life, a new, completely different perspective opens before his eyes. Will he collapse under the mayor's pressure, disappointing Mary in the worst way possible? Mary and Philip will go through many ups and downs. Making this relationship work is much more difficult than they could ever predict, especially due to the challenges lying ahead. Will they put their strong opinions aside and cooperate for the greater good? Could love thrive when threatening troubles wait around the corner to destroy what has been built with hard work?