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His Desire by Tasha Fawkes


Braden Steele wasn't supposed to find me. A billionaire CEO doesn't belong in my world.

Is this fate? Or is he a world-class stalker?

Maybe he thinks, just because we had a near-death experience together, that it meant something? That being trapped together in an elevator, is a sign from the universe? I don't care what he thinks. He's screwing up my routine. And that's where I draw the line. Comedy is all I got. I worked hard to erase the horrors of my past and no billionaire stalker is going to ruin that.

After Braden Steele survives an elevator accident trapped with Isabella, a young hopeful comedian, he can't get her out of his mind. He realises that is a distraction a CEO can't afford, yet, he MUST see her again . . . even if he has to visit every comedy club in town to find her.

Don't miss His Desire, the latest steamy series from Tasha Fawkes.

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