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His Cinderella Governess by Fanny Finch

A great secret hides within the walls of Stanley Hall and now it’s time it came to light... It is time for Henry Radcliff, the Marquess of Whitecroft, to choose a wife. No lady he’s ever met has managed to steal his heart… until he accidentally meets a mysterious governess, that strangely enough has the manners and elegance of a highborn lady. Lydia Stanley’s life has been very hard since her father passed away. Her stepmother controls her fate and has reduced her to nothing more than her little brother’s governess. No one even remembers she exists… but Lydia’s hopes for a better future are renewed when she meets the kind and gallant Marquess of Whitecroft. The lie may cost her her only chance at love, but the truth may separate her and her little brother forever... Now, Henry must find a way to uncover the secrets and save his Cinderella before it’s too late. But the wicked Countess of Canwick has not played her last card yet… *If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “His Cinderella Governess!”