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His Big Offer by Penny Wylder

Can I handle his BIG offer? Steady career. Apartment in the heart of downtown. Sleeps with an adorable poodle. If you read all that you'd think I was living the dream. But I've got a secret-- my life is a wreck. My “steady” career is running a barely read blog. The apartment? That belongs to my friend. At least the dog is real... but I wasn't joking, I literally share the couch with her. That's why, when I read the offer in my email to start writing for a company called Heart Makers, I hurried in for the interview. Wish I'd done my research. You see, Heart Makers is owned by the hottest slice of man-cake I've ever sat three feet away from. Chance Montgomery... my new boss. If him making me all tingly and awkward wasn't bad enough, the articles he wants me to write are. How can I write dirty dating advice and keep my cool around this man? But I need this job. The opportunity is too big to lose. What happens when our chemistry finally explodes... And he offers me something even bigger?
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