Highlander’s Poisonous Past
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An infamous Highlander haunted by betrayal and hate. Can her love finally break the curse?

Maisie MacNiven had always thought that being the youngest daughter of a Laird was a blessing. Her older sisters had to marry to create strong alliances, but she hoped she would marry out of love.

However, when her father receives news that a clan further north has a man of marrying age, Laird Logan Shaw, Maisie's life is about to change completely. The Shaw clan is an isolated and mysterious one, whose past is shrouded in death and deceit. They have been at war with almost every clan in the Highlands, and Laird Logan has the reputation of a brutal and ruthless man.

Unfortunately, the MacNivens have no better alternative. Maisie wishes to marry a peasant man but marring a Laird, even one with a bad reputation, is strongly preferred by her family. In one day, her dreams of freedom are suddenly shattered, and the journey towards the cold north begins.

As soon as Maisie meets the infamous Highlander, she thinks that this huge man looks more like a hardened warrior than a Laird. However, Laird Logan appears to be kind, and he does not fit the terrible descriptions she had heard. But Maisie's arrival provides the chance for an act of revenge that has been boiling up for years…

If Maisie does not handle the perils of her Highland husband's poisonous past, she will soon become the latest page on a book of tragedy and doom.

"Highlander’s Poisonous Past" is a standalone steamy story by Olivia Kerr, packed with betrayal, romance, and redemption set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. Get your copy TODAY for FREE With Kindle Unlimited! Enjoy!

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