Hiding From The Sheriff
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Hiding From The Sheriff by Palmer Jones

She never expected to trade her Hollywood lifestyle for a small town, country boy. Playing the part of arm candy for a wanna-be movie star was the perfect cover for Addie Johnson’s somewhat illegal hacking activities. She is a master at sneaking into computer systems without getting caught. So, when she finds herself in jail for driving the Mercedes her self-absorbed boyfriend reports as stolen, she has plenty of time to muse over the irony of the situation. Too bad the man who arrives to rescue her isn’t riding a white horse and vowing that she’s the love of his life. No. Her brother sends his best friend, and now small-town cop, Cameron Dempsey. At fifteen, Addie was absolutely in love with Cameron even though he never looked twice at her. He’d been tall and athletic with a killer tan thanks to his half Native American heritage. Now, nearly fifteen years later, the boy she knew has transformed into a man sexy enough to make that ugly tan uniform look good. Even with his grouchy attitude. But he’s not there to bail Addie out and send her on her way. Cameron takes her into custody and back to his small town. Spending two weeks with him will be torture with all the dark, angsty looks he aims her way, but she can handle it. Trusting him to see the “real” Addie, to know what she truly does for a living (and not arrest her), is impossible. Can two people find love on opposite sides of the law?
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