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Hidden River Academy by KT Strange

They are everything and she is nothing. She doesn't belong, and they're going to make sure she knows it. Mia Quinn never asked for her mom to get thrown in jail. She never asked to get shipped off to her uncle's, and be enrolled as Hidden River Academy's newest charity case. But she's going to make the best of it, even though the students drive Range Rovers and Lambos, and she's never even had a bike to call her own. She figures she'll keep her head down, study hard, and be back at the trailer park with her mom in a few months time. Except the guys, and girls, of Hidden River Academy know when someone doesn't belong, and Mia Quinn? Doesn't belong. They've got a plan to get rid of this new upstart who's crashing their rich-kid party. If she doesn't go on her own, they're going to make her. The first person to want her gone? Buck Barron, star football player at HRA, currently living with Mia's uncle while his parents are MIA on a globetrotting trip. He doesn't appreciate Mia crashing "guy time" at home, and Mia knows it. To most students at HRA, Buck, Colt, Shawn, Reid, and Cael are the most popular students in the whole school. But to Mia? They are equal parts nightmare and bullies. Can she survive even a few weeks at Hidden River? Or are the guys, and the girls who trail after their every move, going to run her right back to the trailer park? * * * This 67,000 word contemporary bully romance novel is the first in a series by USA Today Featured Author, KT Strange. This book is about Mia and the hottest guys at Hidden River Academy: Buck, Shawn, Cael, Reid, and Colt. Editing issues have been resolved, with a freshly-edited version of the book now available!
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