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He didn't want to go back to his hometown. She never stopped loving him but she has a secret. Could they get a second chance at a first love? The beautiful and hard-working, Janet Snow, didn’t understand why getting caught in a full-blown make out session with the first boy she’d ever kissed meant anything. It didn't. And it really didn't matter that her heart pounded and adrenaline spiked through every part of her. In fact, the only thing she did understand was that Michael Hamilton wasn’t staying for long. Which suited her just fine. Too bad he looked even hotter than he had in high school. But that didn't matter, either! The handsome and rich, Michael Hamilton only knew one thing…coming back to Snow Valley to see Janet had been the best decision he’d made in a very, very long time. Too bad his business was back in LA and the relationship between he and his father would never be suitable for close quarters. Good thing he didn’t plan on staying for very long. When Michael finds out the thing Janet's been hiding, they are left with a choice—learn to trust again or miss out on the first love that could be their last.
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