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Her Restless Billionaire by Cidney West

He has rules about women. She’s accidentally breaking them all. Delaney Brooks’ interior design business is on the upswing. And a new job for a young billionaire might be just what she needs to break out of her father’s shadow and get work on her own merit. The job seems straightforward until she unexpectedly meets her new client and starts working with him directly, instead of through an assistant like she planned. There’s nothing straightforward about him, and soon she realizes this might be her most complicated job yet. All Ashe Holdener wants is a break from the monotony. And flipping houses gives him that. When he takes on a job for a friend, though, he gets more than he bargained for with the lovely interior designer he hires. Keeping it strictly professional turns out to be harder than he wants to admit. But the job needs to get done and if it means spending time with her, so be it. The more he’s with her, though, the tougher it is to keep at a distance. And there’s nothing he’s more reluctant to give up than his heart. Falling for each other was not part of the plan. If they put it all on the line, will the reward outweigh the risk? This book is part of a series of clean billionaire romances that can be read in any order. Also in this series: Her Bad Boy Billionaire (Book 2) Also by Cidney West: Beauty and the Billionaire (A Once Upon a Billionaire Novel) Ella and the Billionaire (A Once Upon a Billionaire Novel)
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