Her Property
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Her Property by Claire Wilder


Catherine never meant to see her boss’s nemesis naked. Who goes skinny dipping in November, anyway?

When hotshot lawyer Catherine Jones fumbles a huge case in a very public way, she’s shaken to her core. She was burned once before, and she’s built a career—and a life—around never letting it happen again.

Crying burnout, Cat’s boss and mentor sends her to his lake house in Jewel Lakes County, New York, for some mandatory R&R.

The rules? No laptop. No cell phone. And stay far away from the boss’s reckless neighbor Jake Colson, who he’s suing over a longstanding property dispute.

Even if being unplugged and on her own for two weeks is her own personal version of hell, Cat knows she’s lucky to still have her job.

Then she makes another mistake: getting caught witnessing the neighbor skinny dipping.

And liking it.

Staying away from her boss’s enemy could be her toughest case yet. The chemistry between them is so hot it’s molten.

Could Jake be the best mistake of her life? Or will falling for the enemy send them both down in flames?

"A gorgeous romantic read" Elizabeth, Goodreads reviewer

"The perfect escapist read...like a Hallmark movie, just sexier and with some cussing" Sydney, Goodreads reviewer

"Cute and intensely romantic" Kelli, Goodreads reviewer

Every book in the Jewel Lakes Series can be read as a standalone and features:

- Strong, relatable women
- Big, sexy, wounded men
- Sizzling chemistry
- Sensual on-page sexy times
- Happily Ever After guaranteed

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