Her Navy Seal Cowboy First Love
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He wanted to be a SEAL. End of Story. Until a smokin, hot blond steals his seat … will true love find a way?

Jack Summerville can’t wait to dust his heels of this small town and start his life in the Navy. When the new girl steals his seat, he never imagined actually liking her enough to allow her to kiss him. Oh yeah, he didn’t allow anything!

Military brat, that’s what Tauni Richfield was. It would take more than a bad attitude dressed like G.I. Joe, to get her to move seats. She was Harvard bound and nothing would stop her. When the guy with the bad attitude shows up to protect her from an intruder, she never expected he would ask her out. Didn’t he know—she wasn’t dating.

When her father tries to force them apart, will true love find a way? Or will all new dreams be forgotten?

New! By Top 20 Kindle All Star ★, Taylor Hart! Solid Gold Summerville Ranch Billionaire Romances are FIRST LOVES and SECOND CHANCES you won't be able to quit reading because the Summerville's--are Solid GOLD!

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