Her Millionaire’s Secret
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Her Millionaire’s Secret by Aarti V Raman


Workaholic Lily’s a single mom, who has to reconnect with one of Chicago’s most powerful business families for her son, Bret’s, sake.

She really doesn’t want to fall for the security expert who exposed her most-shameful secret to the owners of AllMart Corp.

Lily knows wealthy men are only good for breaking your heart.

But, Christmas is just around the corner and this brooding bad boy’s becoming impossible to resist.

Especially, when only she’s trusted with Her Millionaire’s Secret

Former MMA legend, Kit leveraged his business acumen and his fame to start a chain of Chicago fitness clubs. A legacy someone is bent on destroying.

He’s usually the good guy who takes care of everyone in his orbit.

But a devastating betrayal by his closest friend has left him brooding and bitter.

The only bright spot in his dark life? His best friend’s (almost) sister, Lily. And her adorably smart son, Bret.

Now, this bad boy fighter is willing to do whatever it takes to woo Lily over Christmas.

Even face her powerful billionaire brother and the unknown enemy targeting his hard-earned business…

Meet the Filthy Rich Geeks – a band of ruthless tycoons who’ve risen up from nothing to conquer the world and everything in it. Can their dark sides be tamed by the women who want their hearts?

The Filthy Rich Geeks series contains steamy romances set around the world, each of which can be read as a standalone. 

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