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Healed by Her Soothing Sight by Aurora Hanson

Magnolia Pierce has led the quiet and sheltered life of a southern belle in post-war Savannah, Georgia. But after the death of her parents, things for her and her brother have gone downhill. When her brother suggests that the only remedy to the situation is to find a husband for her, she rejects his proposition, and vows to marry for love. Her willful and stubborn nature will make her run off to Arizona City as a mail-order bride. Will her dream of finding true love come true or will she be trapped in a terrible nightmare? Red Wilson has just received a letter that informs him that his estranged parents succumbed to yellow fever three years prior, and his inheritance awaits him in Savannah. Intent on buying his own ranch, Red eagerly makes his way back home to claim the fortune. A stipulation in his father's will, though, will ruin his plans; in order to collect his birthright, Red must be married. Out of nowhere, the ghosts of the past will come back alive in his effort to claim what belongs to him... Magnolia has decided to refuse Red without even giving him a chance to prove himself. Red needs to cast his demons, so saving Magnolia could be his salvation. Will Magnolia return to reality and make the right decision for her? Will Red manage to protect her, or will he relive the painful past? "Healed by Her Soothing Sight" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.