Head Over Heels for My Neighbor
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They say all’s fair in love and war… well, they don’t live next door to HIM.

Dumped and single, I just want a quiet life. Maybe I’ll get a few cats and a lifetime subscription to Knitting Weekly…

But my best friends won’t allow that to happen. They’ve got a dozen dating disasters all lined up for me, deviously designed to get me back out there to destination Mr Darling.

What none of us counted on was my infuriating neighbor thwarting my plans and teasing me at every turn.

They say keep your enemies close… well, he couldn’t be much closer and it’s driving me crazy. Stealing my car parking space and keeping me awake at night with his trombone are about to become the least of my problems.

If I thought dating one-oh-on was going to be easy, then I was wrong. Very wrong. And even I would never have believed what happens next…

HEAD OVER HEELS FOR MY NEIGHBOR is a sweet, closed-door, clean language, laugh-out-loud, heartwarming book 1 in the HEAD OVER HEELS SERIES. This series follows a group of friends as they navigate love and friendship one disaster at a time. Each can be read as a standalone novel, but they are best enjoyed in order.

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