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He Has MVP by Stephanie Queen

Aidan Liam Cavanaugh is a pretentious name, not me at all, until you understand the meaning. I play defense for the Boston Brawlers. Aidan means "fiery", Liam means "protector", and isn't that what you want your defenseman to be? The fiery protector of your team? No wonder most women think I'm a caveman. I don't bother disabusing them of the notion since I hardly want to get serious. Until Pink. Allie Pinkerton. Smart. Serious. Graceful. And a woman who wants nothing to do with the likes of me. She's my teammate's wife's friend and f**ck if one unlucky weekend we don't get stuck dog-sitting. Together. On an island. Nantucket to be exact. And when I say stuck, I mean stuck. As in a hurricane bearing down on us. The only thing I want more than to make it back to Boston for the season opener is to stay put on the island with her... They call me Pink--or at least my friends do. And some annoying non-friends. Like Aiden, the overly-muscled jokester of the Boston Brawlers hockey team.
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