Hate to Love You

Hate to Love You by Ajme Williams

My breathing literally picked up when I saw him looking irresistible on his motorcycle three years ago. And my heart took notice. But my brain? Apparently, that was asleep. I’m way smarter now. Noah might have roared into my life and destroyed it, but I won’t let that happen again. No matter how much I struggle to maintain the distance between us. This business trip will be the end of me. I don’t have a choice but to be close to him. I don’t have a choice but to let him hold my hand. But this trip is also showing me another side of Noah. He’s not just a hot playboy. He’s also shrewd. Noah holds my heart in my palm again. But this time, I’ve got to use my brain too. My loyalties are being tested. It’s battle between love and common sense. I have to do what’s best for me, so will I be the one to shatter his heart this time around?
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