Harriet’s Hope
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Harriet’s Hope by Morgan Dawson


Harriet has never believed she has anything to offer a man. Knowing she has flaws that might keep anyone from ever loving her, she's happy to stay at the orphanage where she grew up and where she feels safe. But, when her guardian informs her it's time to spread her wings and head west with the other girls, Harriet knows it's time to go. So she agrees to answer an ad for a mail order bride, determined that when she arrives, she will hide her disability from him.

Seeing the heartbreak his brother is going through after his wife dies, Matthew Anderson steps in to help. But he soon realizes his brother's kids need a mother figure around. Knowing his brother won't be ready to take another wife so soon, he sends for one for himself to help them all. He has no intention of ever falling in love—not after seeing how much it can hurt. So, he tells the woman who answers his ad right from the start he's not looking for love.

But when Harriet arrives, he sees a kindness in her that he can't ignore. She brings a joy to his life he hadn't even realized was missing. However, she seems to be holding herself back too.

What will happen if Matthew realizes the limitations of his new wife? And can he prove her disability doesn't lessen the love he feels for her?

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