Hard Rock Crush
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Hard Rock Crush by Athena Wright


A record label. Adoring fans. Industry respect. I have everything I always wanted. But I'm so close to f*cking it up. All because of him.

Liam Knight. My musical idol. My inspiration. My savior.

He stirs up feelings I've forgotten, memories I've suppressed. I want his lips on mine. I want his hands on my skin. I want his arms wrapped around me, never letting go.

Liam says I’m a star. We both are. He says we'll burn brighter together.

But I know better.

I had it all once. And I lost it.  I'll never let that happen again.

Because, sometimes, after a star burns out…

It collapses into a black hole, consuming everything in its path.


Hard Rock Crush is the first book in the Cherry Lips Rock Star Romance series, but can be read as a standalone with a HEA.

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