Hard Nox
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Hard Nox by Jolie Vines


The lass is a menace, and she's mine.


What do you do with an over sized, hot headed, dirty fighting Scot? I had the chance to find out when Lennox ruined my first car race.

When I should've yelled at him, up against his castle walls, I kissed the jerk.

Only to watch him walk away with another woman.

Fast forward a few years and he's fresh out of the military.

All muscles.

Devastating with his smirk.

No matter how hot he is in a kilt, I'll be damned if Lennox McRae is getting an easy ride back into my life.


Isobel is a menace. She races cars and has tattoos in places I can't even imagine. But I've never forgotten the kiss we shared.

A road trip in a too-small car gives me the second chance I've waited for.

I'm going to tame this lass's wild heart.


From the author of the Marry the Scot series comes a brand-new generation. The Wild Scots books bring you everything you love about Scottish heroes and contemporary romance but sexier, faster, and supercharged.

Start with enemies to lovers in Hard Nox before meeting more McRae cousins in this completed series of standalone romances.

Speed away with Isobel and Lennox today.

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