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Hannah Cocker by Faleena Hopkins

Free to introduce you to Book One of The Next Generation in your hot and hilarious Cocker Family! "A book series tends to get predictable...not so with Faleena Hopkins, she just keeps raising the bar." - Lorraine Fritz Barrett HANNAH COCKER: Every boyfriend I've ever had either bored me... ...or hurt me. I'm tired of what the world thinks they know. The gossip. Retaliation. So after another 'date' betrays my trust, when Sofia Sol, my rebellious cousin, says, "Hey...let's get out of here. A vacation from EVERYTHING." My answer? A big fat YES. I mean, why not? Life can be an adventure. With true love where you least expect it... If you just say yes. What readers around the world are saying about Hannah Cocker: * "Loved it so much I read it twice!" - Marsha USA Review * "Hannah is an excellent installment to the Cocker series. This book had me laughing and crying the whole time." CalKit - Top 1000 Reviewer Amazon Australia * "I made the mistake of starting to read Hannah when I had other things to a result, they haven't been done! One thing I can completely guarantee happens every time I pick up one of Faleena Hopkins' books is that I get completely engrossed in the story, and don't want to put it down." - Trips Down Imagination Road Book Blog - UK Review * "Another author I will read anything she her writings and the way she tells a story - she lives it along with us." - Jeanne K USA Review * "There aren't enough stars." - CruzGirl USA Review * "One click this whole family if you have not. Funny, quirky and hot hot hot!" - Joanne MacIntyre Canada Amazon Faleena Hopkins writes steamy standalone contemporary romance with many sub-genres such as romantic comedy, sports romance, military romance, mc romance, holidays, interracial romance and more.
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