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Half Moon Rebel by Taryn Bradley

To Bubba Dupree, family and friends were one and the same. And Half Moon was more than home; it was a way of life. A dutiful son, he put his dreams on hold to support his family. Until one day, when love came unexpectedly… and left the same way. Rebel Mae; a damsel held captive in a fortress built by her own heart. There was a time when Rebel could only dream of Half Moon; a hometown she'd never stepped foot in. Now, it was calling her… There was a name to clear… A truth to unveil… But she hadn't counted on the heart to break… Bubba… I was just doing my job. It was an ordinary tow, on an ordinary day. Until the universe decided to upend my life. Rebel Mae wasn't on my radar. She's not of my world and I'm certainly not of hers. I told myself she's too young for me… She's not my type… She's beautiful… Rebel's unannounced departure made it clear where her boundaries lie…but I soon realize my feelings for her know no boundaries.
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