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Half-Blood Mage by Ginger Li

Seventeen-year-old Lia keeps having the same terrifying nightmare: A handsome, silver-eyed boy transforms into a dragon and then begs for her to kill him. She chalks up the nightmare to an overactive imagination. Until the day the boy from her dreams arrives at her doorstep and shatters everything she’s known to be true… Kieren’s battled his fair share of monsters. But when he’s cursed to become a dragon, he realizes far more dangerous creatures lurk in the shadows… and someone is out for his blood. Lia and Kieren must work together to uncover the dark secrets from their pasts. Their quest for answers has far-reaching consequences, both for the fate of their worlds and for their hearts. Half-Blood Mage is the enthralling first novel in the Light and Fire Series. Epic worlds, high-stakes adventure, forbidden magic and a delicious slow-burn romance, this YA portal fantasy will leave you hungry for more.
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