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Gravitate by C.A. Harms

I was the ultimate bachelor. I enjoyed my wild life, the late nights, and the fact that I had no commitments. My job and my freedom were all I needed. Or so I thought. Chloe was sweet and kind, and the way she got so flustered in my presence was adorable. That smile of hers did things to a man. And her laugh? It was infectious. She had this gravitating pull that was irresistible. She was younger, sweeter, and too innocent for a guy like me. But none of that mattered because she also possessed the power to make any man want things he’d never really given himself a chance to even think about. But there was one thing that held me back. One thing that made me question the feelings I held for her. She was my best friend’s cousin. To make matters worse, she had an army of men around her that were ready to defend her if needed. And let me tell you, being on the opposite end of that line was enough to make any sane man pause. But the more time I spent time with her, the faster all the reasons I should hold back disappeared.
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