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Glory Creek by Jenny Haley

Ready to binge-read a series of five historical romances? Each book weaves a story that continues, so be forewarned, readers, that the first four books are not standalone novels. Immerse yourself in 19th century San Antonio in this epic series full of mystery, romance, and magic. San Antonio, 1876. Bailey Rose lives under the porch of a whorehouse in San Antonio, raised by a drug-addicted mother and a violent madam. In a desperate attempt to reject her preordained life as a soiled dove, she sneaks off to school one fine day, and there she meets Jacob Naplava, the kindest boy she has ever known. What follows is a wondrous journey to Jacob’s sheep ranch in the Hill Country, where supernatural events begin to unfold—some beautiful, some beastly. Within a few magical days, her life becomes entwined with that of a laughing, blue-eyed boy and his gentle, enigmatic brother. But a tragic set of events involving a mysterious man from her mother’s past who is obsessed with possessing Bailey, body and soul, tears her away from the enchanting world of Glory Creek. Fifteen years later, Dr. Bailey Rose makes a triumphant return to San Antonio with a single-minded goal to open a clinic in the Red Light District. She devotes her life to serving the women and children who so desperately need medical care, aided by her childhood friend, brash and outspoken Gabriella, and the soft-spoken, boyishly-handsome Reverend Thomas Eckles. Meanwhile, Jacob has emerged as a wealthy sheep rancher and mayoral candidate, but he is achingly lonely, still dreaming of that fiery-haired ghost-girl from his past. But what possible future can there be for a woman with a twisted, violent past who harbors the secret of a heinous crime—and a respected, honorable man already promised to a blond beauty who is a perfect match for a politician? The Bailey Rose, M.D. Series: San Antonio, 1891. For Bailey, Jacob is a majestic boy she thought she may have simply imagined as part of some ephemeral childhood dream. But she soon discovers that Jacob is real flesh and blood, and he’s a successful political comer, determined to bring great progressive change to the city but unwilling to sacrifice those goals by bucking the establishment to support Bailey’s unorthodox ideas for the care of the prostitutes in the Red Light District. The indissoluble tie that binds them together, one formed in an enchanted childhood encounter, has grown into one fueled by intense passion and an inexplicable soul-connection. Events force them apart and push them together again: a sweet suitor who seems to be a safe match for Bailey, horrific family secrets, a murder indictment and trial, Jacob’s conniving fiancé, and a plot twist involving an unfathomable threat from their past. An inspiring tribute to the pioneer women doctors who braved ridicule and prejudice to care for the very neediest—and to the men who loved and supported them. Historical romance, mystery, magical realism—and a touch of the paranormal—seamlessly blend in this series of the impossible, enduring love of a strong heroine and the man who loves her.
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