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Give Me Love by Paige P. Horne

Owner of Atlanta Georgia’s hottest night club, Bryce Grant was known for being unattainable. He was also known for being an asshole. Most days, he was both. But he wasn’t born that way. He was made that way. He grew up in a home where true love was equal to destruction and then he watched as everything he ever knew was ripped away because of it. His life was just fine until a stubborn woman in a red dress walked into it. And then he did everything he could to push her away…until he finally did. Kathrine Harrison just ended it with her cheating boyfriend and a night out was exactly what she wanted to avoid, but her best friend Claire thought it was what she needed. She didn’t plan on meeting anyone, she didn’t plan on even enjoying herself, but she’d learned a long time ago that plans don’t always work out. One look is what they shared, and that was it. Until days later when him and his brother came walking into her place of work and she spilt coffee all over the floor. He looked at her like she was a nuisance. Bryce Grant wore a permanent frown and tattoos that made him seem untouchable. His brother Jace however, was cute, fun-loving and a total jokester. She’d made up her mind right then, she wanted nothing to do with the moody Bryce…that is until he said her name.