Genius Junkie by Barbra Campbell

I obsessed over guys with big brains, and Reginald's was the biggest. --Athena-- Looks, attitude, intelligence, and a ton of other factors complicated the primal urge of attraction I'd always assumed would come naturally. If I loved a guy, he should love me back... WRONG! Finding the elusive guy who could respect my mind without letting his ego get in the way proved impossible. I'd tried. But no matter how many times I gave my heart away, I ended up getting it back. That's why I'd ended up studying attraction and pheromones. What would it hurt to give myself an advantage? --Reginald-- Joining a think tank at a major biochemical company was a dream come true. Hanging out with people whose greatest assets were their minds, had been my geeky goal for as long as I could remember. But the second I saw Athena, I had to re-evaluate my goals. I was obsessed. And no matter how many times the guys at work tried to caution me about her, I couldn't get her off my mind. Then I found out which department she worked in. Could I trust what I was feeling, or had she outsmarted me?