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Fury by Cat Porter


"The BEST book I've read this year...if you are ready for a beautiful, emotional journey, buckle up."- Autumn Jones Lake, USA Today bestselling author

Taken prisoner by an enemy motorcycle club, a defiant young biker and a kidnapped girl find love in the dark jaws of hell.

Risking their lives and his club, Finger helps Serena escape. On the run, they are desperate to put their terrible scars behind them and be together, but danger lurks everywhere. There is nowhere safe, no “normal” for these two lovers hiding from a chaotic and brutal criminal underworld.

Murder and mayhem tear them apart, and when Finger is jailed, Serena disappears. Armed with a new name, alone in a new city, Serena builds a new life for herself. While a tortured Finger forges his own outlaw empire.

Years later, their worlds collide, and that unmistakable fire blazes between them, that never forgotten hunger. Their hearts are just as wild and fierce as ever, no matter the sacrifices they’ve made, the empty years apart, the blood spilled.

Now a fearsome MC president, Finger wants her back, and nothing and no one is going to stop him.
Not even the fiery and independent Serena.

"Soul dark,
Heart dense,
Bood fierce,
Purpose raw.
Flame burning.
Brewed on vengeance, laced with tenderness, my fury for you.” -

FURY is a gritty, emotional, and epic biker romance saga with a bite of dark, plenty of nasty, and a hell of a lot of raw love. This novel is a standalone read in the series.

READING ORDER of the Lock & Key Series world of Meager, SD for greatest enjoyment:
- Lock & Key
- Random & Rare
- Iron & Bone
- Blood & Rust
- Fury (can be read as a standalone)
- Lock & Key Christmas
- The Dust and the Roar*
- The Year of Everything*

*The Dust and the Roar and The Year of Everything (origins stories) can also be read immediately after Lock & Key and Random & Rare.

**This steamy, romantic suspense novel is a motorcycle club romance / second chance romance / coming of age romance full of anti-hero alpha hotness. This novel includes graphic violence, language, sex, and disturbing material some readers may find objectionable.**

A story that is not streamlined with a particular genre is listed under others. These books generally have mixed content. Somewhere these books talk about romance and switch to suspense after a couple of pages and many other kinds of content can be expected from these books. Readers who are not too specific about the genre can pick any from others. If you have reading habits and can pick any without being so particular then others section is for you. Selecting a genre-specific book might be a tedious task for you. So just go easy. Happy Reading.

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